Safety and insurance for your shoots

You may have a great idea for a photo shoot and these often come with great responsibilities. No one wants accidents to happen, and we want to help you make sure your shots are safe while also protecting your team and equipment. Here’s how we go about taking care of yourself and others on a production set.

  • Location advising
  • Permission handling
  • Insurance
  • COVID & Health guidelines

As always one of the best ways to avoid problems on set is to work with the best. We’d like to think there are no weather conditions we can’t work in and no locations we can’t explore. It’s about what’s working for you and your brand. We understand that every production is different carrying a set of unique requirements. Whatever the location is, whether it is raining or snowing and regardless of the budget or the crew size, we will step in to get your brand campaign off to a good start.

Risk assessment

Have you considered all the risks that your teams and your campaign might be exposed to? Where is the shoot going to take place? Is it a safe environment for your staff and crew? Are there any dangerous elements in the shooting location, such as:

  • Falling objects (tree branches, stones or rocks from the mountainside)
  • Exposed power lines or cables near set locations
  • Cliff edges

With the right safety precautions and a risk assessment we are able to identify any possible issues and prevent unwanted accidents from happening.

Our insurance protects the staff and equipment of all our shoots

We take the safety of our staff and equipment very seriously. We have a safety officer on set, who is responsible for implementing a risk assessment process and making sure that we have a safety plan in place. Our line producers consider the issue of safety as a priority.

We make sure that every shoot has:

  • A Safety Briefing with all relevant information included (Fire exits, Emergency Response Plans etc.)
  • A Safety Plan which includes Risk Assessment completed prior to starting a photo shoot.

Location advising

Locations are often chosen for the visual impact they will add to the story of your brand or a product. However, you should also consider any potential risks that come with these locations and how best to manage them. Location advising is a process that helps you understand what might go wrong in a given location and how to prevent it from happening.

Location advising also ensures your crew and equipment are safe. This includes keeping everyone out of harm, protecting equipment against theft or damage (such as fire), ensuring insurance coverage for any damages that do occur, and more.

Safety crew

The safety crew is a team of people who are trained to deal with any problems that may arise on set. The most obvious duty of the safety crew is to make sure no one gets injured and thet the shoot runs accident free. As always precaution is the best when it comes to managing health and safety and making sure everyone follows all safety rules and regulations is our priority.

Having a good relationship with our crew and making sure they know what’s expected of them when it comes to safety gives us the confidence needed to supervise all kinds of productions big or small.

Permission handling

In some cases, you’ll need to get permission before shooting. If you’re shooting in a public place, you’ll likely have no problem getting the necessary permits from the local authorities. For example, if your shoot takes place at a city park or in an urban area of the city. These permits also need to be handled well in advance to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Our Line producers and suppliers will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and production duties to cover all usage rights and overtime

As a campaign manager, it’s vital to be sure that all of your production contracts are signed by the crew and your suppliers. Not only will this help protect their confidentiality, but it also protects the rights of your client and yourself as well. We have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for all of our photo shoots that also covers the necessary production duties including overtime hours.

COVID & HEALTH guidelines

As part of our commitment to providing safe working environments for all of our clients and staff, we follow all the recommended government regulations and have developed our guides designed specifically for production campaigns to create COVID & HEALTH compliant photo shoots. We also ensure that all of our crew members are constantly following the most up-to-date safety and health guidelines.

The best way to avoid problems on set is to be proactive and communicate effectively with everyone on set

When we’re on set, it’s our job to be proactive. The best way to avoid problems is to communicate with everyone in advance and make sure that everyone is aware of the potential risks involved in a given project.

When it comes to safety, everyone has a responsibility. We need to know about the risks involved with whatever project we’re working on, so that we can come with a strategy to manage specific risks and health and safety issues arising on set.