Photo production – high skills and professional technical crew

You are an Art director or brand manager, and you want to shoot a fragrance or fashion ad. You need high skills and a professional technical crew. We have it all. Our technicians are experienced in luxury advertising and fashion photography production. They’re professionals in their field, and they know how to make your director and photographer’s job easier. This will make your production more efficient, which is important when you have limited time in the day for shooting.

High skills and professional local technical crew

There are two things that you can expect from our technical crew: high skills and professionalism. Our tech crew is one the most crucial parts of our team. Their goal is always to ensure that all photo production items are properly completed quickly. The best thing about our technical crew is that they understand luxury and fashion advertising, so every detail of your job will be taken care of by us.

Your photographers and directors will be surrounded by the best technicians

Your photographers and directors will be surrounded by the best local technicians experienced in all levels of photo production. They are local, experienced and highly skilled. We pride ourselves on their professional approach to every single brand campaign or fashion shoot.

All our technicians are presented with portfolio or CV including luxury and fashion advertising references

We understand that technical crew have to be able to work fast, under pressure, independently and in a team working with photographers or art directors. For your piece of mind all our technicians come with a portfolio or CV showcasing their previous involvement in luxury and fashion advertising for your reference.

Our technicians are trained to understand the client’s brief and requirements, know how to operate the technical equipment and have a keen eye for creative direction. We can also provide full production support with our team of production managers, stylists, make-up artists and retouchers if required.

Your photographer will love to work with our light assistants and digital operators. They work fast and understand fashion shoots perfectly

Light assistants and digital operators, who are part of our team, will make your photographer’s life easier. They are fast, efficient and professional. They understand the requirements of a fashion shoot perfectly. Our photographers love working with them because these professionals know how to work in harmony with lighting equipment, camera rigs, tripods and other accessories to create the perfect atmosphere for the shoot.

Our digital operators are experienced in working with luxury brands including (???… Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Adidas….) among others.

Your director and director of photography will be relieved to work with experienced technicians in Fragrance & luxury TV commercials

The carefully sourced technicians are the best in their field. Your director and director of photography will be relieved to work with our tech crew that is highly experienced in fragrance  and luxury TV commercials. Our technicians are professionals who understand the needs of luxury advertising. They are also fast and efficient, with a portfolio of luxury and fashion advertising references.

Our technicians have worked with the best cameras, lenses and lighting equipment on the market They also know the industry inside and out, from how to source the best equipment to shooting high-end catalogs or commercials. This ensures the piece of mind during the production and that you receive high-quality final product that is sure to impress clients and directors alike.