Cast and glam

If you are looking for a team who can help you with casting, booking and grooming your models, we are here to make it happen. We can handle all aspects of your photo production – from finding the right model or artist to managing their schedule, providing pre- and post-shoot services and providing an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Models and glam team

The models for your shoot should be chosen carefully and this is where we come in. Depending on your project you may want to find different types of models, such as a couple, friends, or teenagers. The key thing to remember is that they have to complement each other and have similar or contrasting styles and not to distract from the product or campaign you’re shooting for. As always communication is the key and models are briefed about what will happen during their shoots so they know what their role means in relation to the overall vision of the project.

Do you have time to book all the cast and glam team? We can help you with artists coming from Paris or Milan.

Managing a brand campaign can be a mountain of a job. Do you have time to book all the cast and glam team? We can help you with the best artists coming from Paris, Milan, Nice or Marseille.

The glam team will come with beautiful art books of haircuts, make ups.

We always put quality first. Our glam team will come with a portfolio of beautiful art books of haircuts and make ups. Our hair and make-up assistants will prepare the room with table cloth, apple box and mirrors, high and low director’s chair so it’s all ready to work with.

Props are also one of the key things you need to consider when you start shooting. What props and wardrobe pieces are you going to use? When it comes to props, imagination is the limit. Anything from fruit and vegetables, flowers, toys, you name it, can be used as a prop in your photo shoot depending on the mood and feel of the project. Props can help improve the quality of your photos by creating unique images that will add value to any shoot.

If needed, we work with the top models agencies in Paris, Milan. But also we can provide fitting models locally in Nice, Marseille or Milan.

Whether you need to cast one or several models for a photo shoot, we can find you the best models in the area. We can work with the top model agencies in Paris or Milan and can provide models locally in Nice or Marseille. To ensure that your project is successful and meets all your expectations, we will discuss all the necesary model requirements prior to the start of the shoot.

Our tailor and stylist assistants are available to prepare the fitting room before the shoot

Our tailor and stylist assistants are available to prepare the fitting room before the shoot. They can help you set up your dressing area, wardrobe and models in order to get them ready for their castings or photoshoots. Our tailor and stylist assistants are fully trained on how to approach a model’s needs in terms of helping them get ready for their fittings or shoots. Our team has worked with some of the top names in fashion, so they will know exactly what is needed by your clients.

Best team ever on a shoot

If you’re looking to hire a production team for your shoot, then look through our portfolio and see what we’ve done. Our past projects include some of the biggest names in fashion and luxury world. Our experienced team knows all about casting models and working with them on set. We know how to work with other professionals who are involved in production,from stylists and makeup artists to hair stylists and wardrobe stylists, to create beautiful shots that showcase each model’s unique style or personality and to make a bold statement with your brand campaign.